The original logo of piola was very simple and did not affect the public's attention,but most do not enclose the values of Piola.
The new one instead contains the new values of culinary, artistic and cultural contamination that the customer wanted and  draws much more attention also.
There were created three versions of the logo in three different shades, this to diversify the areas that have been created in the Piola world: restaurant, grocery/marketing, and the learning area.

Other two areas were created where none previously existed: the merchandising and and grocery, with the green logo, important in consideration of the new policy of traceability of each product that will be enhaced through private labels.
The area of "Learning" in the colors of blue, that is, cooking courses in-store and video on youtube to know Piola through an education to food. It has also created a kit called "cook kit" which are sold all those items that the chef uses a day by day, this to ensure that the customer could relive the experience Piola even once out of the store connecting to the recipes of "learning area" on the site.
The result is a complete job in every aspect that was of great satisfaction for thecustomer.